Welcome to West Virginia Tire Disposal

West Virginia Tire Disposal operates the largest waste tire monofill in West Virginia. We receive millions of tires a year for recycling and tire disposal, which includes private passenger, truck/tractor & heavy equipment (OTR-off the road) tires. We receive tires from California to New York, Florida to Chicago and as far away as Canada.

Tires that are past their useful life are shredded  or stored to be recycled in our monofill where they can be reclaimed when uses are developed. Our goal is to ultimately recycle 100% of the tires we have receive and have recieved.

WV Tire Disposal also operates a fleet of trucks covering West Virginia and surrounding states to pick up tires for legal disposal. Trailers are available to store at your site to keep scrap tires protected and out of sight prior to delivery to West Virginia Tire Disposal.

We are designed to meet current and future tire disposal and recycling needs. Tires are buried in our lined monofill, which is equipped to protect both the environment and the public from adverse effects of scrap tires. Again, our goal is to recycle 100% of the tires we receive.

Reasons to dispose of used and waste tires promptly and properly:

  • Tire piles present environmental, health and safety hazards
  • Rainwater accumulates in tire piles, creating an ideal environment for mosquitoes – known transmitters of West Nile Virus and LaCrosse Encephalitis
  • The burning of scrap tires is illegal and results in fines


Tire/Tyre Disposal Services

WV Tire Disposal, Inc. provides collection, processing, disposal, recycling and remediation of used and scrap private passanger tires, truck tires, tractor tires and heavy equipment OTR (off the road) tires. We accept scrap and used tires from tire retailers, tire manufacturers, general industrial and commercial businesses, residents, state authorities and military entities.

Your Tire/Tyre Collection Options

We offer a comprehensive service of scrap tire collection options to meet your needs, including daily backdoor tire pickup, drop-and-hook tire pickup and do-it-yourself tire drop-off at our site.

  • Our fleet of trucks covers West Virginia and surrounding states to pick up tires from your site daily. This keeps your facilities free of waste.
  • With our drop-and-hook pickup option, we leave trailers at your site and you fill them at your convenience. When the trailers are full, we haul them away for you. This keeps scrap tires protected and out of sight.
  • If you prefer to haul in scrap and used tires yourself, we accept tire deliveries at our facility.